We’ve all seen clothing in a movie or magazine that we want but can’t find. A new online destination, Phoenix Project, recreates clothing worn by the world's most stylish icons. In collaboration with studios and private estates, founders Jared & Brooke Zaugg recreate limited edition, hand-numbered pieces with superb craftsmanship. The Phoenix Project is honored to launch with a collection from Amelia Earhart. Explore now:

Holy Spirit Hospital commercial featuring Amelia Earhart 09/18/14

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Appraisal: 1932 Amelia Earhart Pen & Pencil Set 09/04/14

Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly the Atlantic 05/20/13

Google Celebrates Amelia Earhart's 115th Birthday with a Doodle 07/24/12

New Amelia Earhart Korean Ad 03/30/11

Signs of Amelia Earhart's Final Days? (Discovery News) 06/03/10

Earhart exhibit showcases world's largest display on pioneer aviator 03/02/10

Airport Mural Portrays Amelia Earhart and Other Legendary Transportation Pioneers 02/24/10

Tucson Ninety-Nines fly in the spirit of Amelia Earhart 11/16/09

Amelia Earhart remembered for her strength 11/12/09

My View: Thumbs up for 'Amelia' 11/06/09

As Big as the Sky 11/05/09

What Happened to Amelia Earhart? 11/04/09

"Amelia" Earhart: A Different Kind of "Chick Flick" 10/28/09

Earhart's Final Resting Place Believed Found 10/26/09

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